the batik process

bah ∙ teek


a traditional art form that involves wax-resist
dyeing and colorful block printing on cotton. due to the hand-crafted nature of batik, the result is vibrant and unique every time.

step 1 design

A design is carved into a foam block. 

step 4  dewaxing

Then, the fabric is doused in hot water to remove the wax.

step 2  wax application

The foam is dipped into wax and transfered onto plain fabric. 

step 5  second drying

During the second drying process, the
fabric oxidizes, allowing the colors to
become more vibrant.

step 3 dyeing & drying

The fabric is folded and submerged in dye for several minutes before being laid out to dry.

step 6  production

Once the fabric has dried, it can be ironed, cut, and sewn into beautiful products.

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