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"Thank you for giving me hope."

To date, the Scholarship Fund has sponsored the education of twenty two students. Listen to beneficiaries share how the program has given them a new outlook on their lives.

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Woadze Tsatoe hopes to provide its younger generations with the knowledge to achieve their dreams. Through Amenuveve, it maintains two crucial education initiatives:

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Virtual Reading Program
Scholarship Fund
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Scholarship Fund

In 2017, Sabrina Chow, a volunteer from New York University, founded the Scholarship Program to support the education of young students in the village.

The challenges of education

Many families in Woadze Tsatoe can’t afford to send their children to junior high school. As a result, there was a high drop out rate among students after grade six. In addition, students who were able to continue their schooling had to walk three hours every day to get to class.

Early impact of the scholarship fund

During its first year, the Scholarship Fund was able to cover all costs of secondary education for eight students, which included tuition, textbooks, and school supplies as well as bicycles to shorten their daily commute.

An even faster way to school

In 2021, Amenuveve invested in a motorized tricycle as a new form of transportation. Since this upgrade was made, the students have arrived at school each day with more energy to focus on learning and interacting with their peers.

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Pandemic Resilience

Award-Winning Virtual Reading Program

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Due to Covid-19, schools across Ghana were shuttered indefinitely. Our Alumni Coordinators, Caitlyn Lubas and Jordan Wolken, launched the Virtual Reading Program in late 2020 as a way for students to continue their studies outside of the classroom.

With other volunteers, they have moderated biweekly Zoom sessions during which students can practice their spoken English and reading comprehension skills. These sessions have encouraged the children to keep learning during these challenging times.

In October 2021, the program received the Innovation of the Year Award from the NYU Alumni Association. 

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Support our students

Becoming a Sponsor

Individuals like you have supported the education of our students and created a lasting impact on their lives through our sponsorship program.

Every contribution helps a child to learn without limits and to fulfill his or her role as a future leader and change maker in our village.

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