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We invite you to get involved

No matter where you are, you can help our community grow.


Create a tangible impact on our village by contributing your time or expertise from anywhere around the world.


Connect your organization to a meaningful cause and work with us to achieve a set of shared goals.


180 individuals have contributed more than 9800 hours to our projects.

Our dedicated volunteers include university students, young professionals, industry veterans, and everyone in between. Each one brings a unique set of skills to the table, and we value their work regardless of whether they are remote or on-the-ground.

We currently welcome interested individuals to take on one of the following roles:

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Roles marked by an asterisk (*) require the volunteer to be in Woadze Tsatoe. Other roles can be completed from anywhere.

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Our partners have worked closely with Woadze Tsatoe to fund major projects such as our schools and sanitary stations. We are always open to new partners who would like to support the development of our village.

Thank you to our current partners

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Afadzato South District Assembly

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Analyst Pledge

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EP University

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