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Amenuveve’s mission has inspired support from around the world, and its work has profoundly impacted the way of life in Woadze Tsatoe.


men and women employed by the farm and Batik Center

10,526 USD

new income generated from enterprises over five years


student beneficiaries of our educational programs

Amenuveve maintains the school library and computer lab, as well as offers scholarships and a reading program.


residents engaged in our community health intiatives

Includes bilharzia treatment, installation of a clean water borehole, and family planning sessions led by health professionals.

Our Impact

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New Infrastructure Brings New Opportunities



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Better education

Classes once took place inside a crumbling hut that leaked during the rainy season. Now, a sturdy new school lets students focus on their lessons all year round.

CLean water For Everyone Inauguration 20
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CLean water For Everyone Inauguration 2016 1.png

Clean water

Villagers once collected muddy water from the lake, exposing themselves to various diseases. Now, a borehole provides access to clean drinking water.

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batik cooperative 1.png

Economic opportunity

Opportunities for women were once scarce. Now, a sewing room and Batik shed offer them a way to learn new crafts and earn income to support their families.


A Multi-Year Process

This timeline shows the social and economic progress that has taken place in the village over six years.

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A sewing room is built so that the artisans can create higher value products from their fabrics.

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A pilot farm is set up to grow cucumbers.

Five North Computer Donation 2 1.png

A new room is stocked with twenty computers, donated by the Five North Project.


Learning Farming from Malike 1.png

The community learns how to plant mangoes and conducts research into other crops.

Painted Latrine- 1.png

A biofill latrine is built for use by the school children.

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The Scholarship Fund sends eight students to junior high school.


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A board of community members is established to oversee the projects that are underway.

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The school recieves donated laptops, which students learn how to use for the first time.

Inaugural Library at WT Primary School #2 1.png

A small library is stocked with donated books.


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A new school is constructed.

Copy of IMG_1320 1.png

A clean water borehole is installed.

IMG_3017 1.png

A Batik Center is set up with basic supplies. The village women take up the art of block printing.


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New York University students first visit Woadze Tsatoe to understand the community’s needs.

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Volunteers host English lessons in the makeshift elementary school.

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The first public latrine is constructed.

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Woadze Tsatoe welcomes you!

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About Us

Amenuveve is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 84-5144698, based in the U.S. and Ghana.


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Post Box HP 461
Volta Region, Ghana

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Please email us:

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2021 Amenuveve Inc.


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A motor tricycle helps students get to school faster.

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Volta Pads forms as a new women's health initiative.

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A Virtual Reading Program is launched in the time of Covid-19 to encourage continued learning.


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The community signs a 10-year land lease to expand the farm. They reap their largest cucumber harvest yet.

Read more stories about our village on our blog.

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