our founding


ah ∙ men ∙ ooh ∙ vé∙ vé


Amenuveve means “grace” in Ewe. The name conveys the manner in which our community's artisans come together each day to hone their craft. 

a story of empowerment

The Amenuveve Batik Center was founded in 2015 by the village of Woadze Tsatoe in partnership with professors and undergrad students from New York University. This business was a chance for members of the community to thread their narratives into artisanal handmade products. 


Amenuveve has since become a nonprofit organization invested in the welfare of the entire community.

The batik center is now the village’s primary source of income. Today, the artisans of Amenuveve continue to share their stories inside and outside of Ghana through their beautiful batik designs.

our logo is a West African Adinkra symbol that represents collaboration among a group of people towards the greater good.

Help me and let me help you.

Amenuveve's artisans wearing hand-sewn uniforms showcasing their batik pritns


meet our manager,

As the manager of Amenuveve and the first female mayor of Woadze Tsatoe, Vida’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit has proven invaluable to the community. Through her many leadership roles, she has uplifted families, empowered women, and provided the village with hope for the future.

Vida encourages every man and woman who works at Amenuveve to be innovative and aspirational. In the future, Vida hopes to start a school that will teach the village youth how to better fulfill their potential through batik.


Our creative director and production manager, Vida (right), overseeing daily operations

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