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Our Story

Welcome to our village

Woadze Tsatoe is a rural community of about 980 residents in the Volta Region of Ghana. Prior to the founding of Amenuveve, the people relied on subsistence farming and fishing to survive. There was little opportunity for social and economic advancement.

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Helpers from abroad

In 2015, undergraduate students from the New York University Stern School of Business traveled to Woadze Tsatoe. They helped to lay the groundwork for a school, sanitary facilities, and a clean water borehole. This visit would mark the first of many collaborations between the two groups.

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Realizing a vision

Meetings with subsequent classes of students would inspire several new initiatives: an artisan batik center, a sewing department, a clean water business, and a five acre vegetable farm.

Through these community-owned enterprises, the village began to realize a vision of financial empowerment and self sufficiency.

Becoming a nonprofit

In 2020, Amenuveve was registered as an official nonprofit in the USA and Ghana to house all of the projects underway.

Most recently, the village has launched a new community health project, Volta Pads. This initiative will provide a safe, affordable, and sustainable way for their women and girls to practice menstrual hygiene.

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