our village

weh ∙ jay   cha ∙ tch ∙ way

woadze tsatoe

our village

nestled amongst the hills around Lake Volta in eastern Ghana, Woadze Tsatoe is a small fishing village of roughly 500 residents.

its members are spirited, energetic and resilient.  


community projects

Woadze Tsatoe has several projects in place to support and uplift community members. 


The vegetable farm at Woadze Tsatoe provides the village with a source of income and sustenance.



The Woadze Tsatoe Scholarship Program offers children the opportunity to continue their secondary education.


Volta Pads seeks to empower 

young women and girls through better hygiene practices and menstrual products. 

Women's Health

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"Drumming and dancing creates love in the community."

the residents of Woadze Tsatoe often gather in celebratory dance, cheering each other on to the beat of the drums. men and women, young and old, all unite over music and movement.