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About Us

Amenuveve is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 84-5144698, based in the U.S. and Ghana.


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Post Box HP 461
Volta Region, Ghana

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2021 Amenuveve Inc.

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Rachel Kowal Sponsors A New Building

Construction is underway for a new administrative building that has been sponsored by Amenuveve’s co-founder, Rachel Kowal. It will serve as a touching memorial to her mother, Illene Burack, who was always very supportive of her work in Ghana.

The construction process is being completed largely by hand. The villagers have already cleared the thick vegetation from the donated plot of land and are now forming the concrete bricks that will make up the structure, one block at a time.

Photos from the construction process

The building will include several new amenities to facilitate initiatives on the ground:

  • a guest room for volunteers and visitors

  • an office

  • a storage room

  • two full bathrooms

  • a sewing room where Volta Pads, the new women’s health project, will be produced


We would greatly appreciate contributions to furnish the building after it has been constructed. If you are interested in helping us purchase tables, chairs, sewing machines or other items, please consider making a donation:


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