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Amenuveve is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 84-5144698, based in the U.S. and Ghana.


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Post Box HP 461
Volta Region, Ghana

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The Educational Impact of a Motorized Tricycle

A new mode of transportation has changed the lives of Woadze Tsatoe's students beyond how they travel to school.

Students stand in front of the motorized tricycle that will take them to school.

Thanks to a generous donation, our community was able to acquire it very first motorized tricycle for the purpose of transporting children to school. This vehicle has allowed our students to reduce their daily commute between Woadze Tsatoe and the Junior High School, located in a neighboring region, from three hours to just forty minutes.

As a result, there has been great improvement in their physical wellbeing and academic performance. They no longer arrive at school feeling exhausted from an arduous walk or bike ride. They are more attentive during lessons and able to work more productively. Additionally, this new transportation has effectively reduced the school truancy rate. Students used to miss class due to a “broken bike” or “feeling too tired,” but now they are encouraged by the prospect of spending more time with their peers.


See our tricycle in action:


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