Woadze Tsatoe Scholarship Program

Support a child's education.

With the generosity of donors like you, we can ensure that our children obtain the knowledge necessary to succeed.

The Woadze Tsatoe Scholarship Program was established by NYU student Sabrina Chow in 2017. This program sought to address the large drop out rate among students after grade 6.

Many families in Woadze Tsatoe could not afford the high tuition costs of a secondary education for their children.

Without adequate transportation, children would walk for up to three hours every day to attend the high school located outside the village.

Primary challenges

The scholarship program gathered enough funds in its first year to cover all costs of secondary education for eight students. In addition to school supplies, each child received a bicycle to alleviate the stress of their daily commute. 


With donations, WTSP bought:

- batik backpacks

- textbooks

- exercise books

- pens, pencils, and erasers

- mathematics set

- rulers

- school fees

- exam fees

- bicycles

This program has not only lessened the financial burden of many parents in the community but also given the children of Woadze Tsatoe an opportunity to learn and interact with peers and teachers from around the region.

By furthering their education, WTSP is empowering younger generations to become lifelong leaders and learners, paving the way for even greater change in the future.