"I have peace of mind knowing that I will be able to feed my family." 

Woadze Tsatoe Vegetable Farm

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Due to overfishing in the Volta River, the village faced a serious threat of food insecurity as their primary source of income shrank.


After four years of research by New York University students and professors, a pilot farm was set up along the bank of the Volta River. The region's rich, fertile soil was ideal for growing cucumbers.

Thanks to the help of donors and agricultural experts, the community reaped its first harvest later that year.

Due to this success, the farm was expanded from fifty square meters to one acre. A more advanced irrigation system was installed. Furthermore, the farmers received better training from the Agriculture Extension Service, allowing them to significantly

improve their yields.


The farm continues to empower the community, providing them with fresh vegetables all year round.

A Lasting Impact

diversified income

families get an additional source of income from selling their vegetables in the local market

increased nutrition

women in the community are able to provide their children with well balanced meals by combining vegetables from the farm with fish from the lake

better relationships

economically empowered parents spend more time supporting their children's academic pursuits