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Vegetable Farm

In response to the threat of food insecurity, the villagers of Woadze Tsatoe adopted vegetable farming as a new source of income and sustenance.

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Benefits of the vegetable farm

Cucumbers are high in vitamins and minerals. By including this vegetable in their meals, the villagers enjoy a more varied and well-balanced diet.

Surplus cucumbers can be sold for a good price in the local market, allowing the farmers to greatly improve their standard of living.

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By alleviating the stress of food insecurity, parents can spend more time supporting their children's growth and academic pursuits.

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Volunteers from New York University conducted research and discovered that vegetables were in high demand in the surrounding area. Woadze Tsatoe’s soil was ideal for growing cucumbers.

A quarter-acre pilot farm was set up along the Volta River. Thanks to the help of donors and agricultural experts, the community reaped its first harvest later that year.

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Pollution in the Volta River caused a decline in the fish population that threatened the villagers’ livelihoods.

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