Volta Pads

Support our cause.

With the generosity of donors like you, we can empower the women and girls of Woadze Tsatoe to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to provide an affordable and reusable menstrual care product to improve the quality of life for young women in Woadze Tsatoe.

While the sanitary pad market in Africa is growing relatively quickly, many girls in low-income households can not afford this basic hygienic necessity.


These women become victims of teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, and sexually transmitted infections.

We seek to work with women in Woadze Tsatoe, and the surrounding region, to remind them of the importance of their menstrual health and how proper menstrual care can improve their quality of life. Our approach is to

  1. educate through community outreach

  2. develop a menstrual hygiene solution, in the form of reusable sanitary pads, to give women more control over their own bodies


By addressing this issue, young women will feel financially empowered and be able to carry on their lives in a comfortable and productive fashion.