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Artisan BATIK

After finding themselves without work, the women of Woadze Tsatoe set up a venture of their own: the Amenuveve Batik Center.

Using the traditional art of Batik,
the women create vibrant printed products that spread joy to their customers and spur the economic development of the village.

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The Start of an Apprentice Program

In 2018, the Batik Center opened a new room where women who wanted to support their families could learn how to sew. The Sewing Apprentice Program is overseen by Vida Zogli, the manager of the batik center.

To date, thirteen apprentices have taken part in the program. Over a few months, there has been significant progress in their sewing skills.

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What is Batik?

Batik (ba-teek) is a wax-resist printing practice that produces colorful designs on fabric that can be turned into clothing, accessories, and decorations. The process consists of six steps.

Six Steps of Batik

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Meet the Apprentices

Learn more about our apprentices and consider becoming a sponsor to help them continue their training. Visit the sponsorship page 

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