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Women's Health

Many women in rural Ghana face barriers to proper health care, including a lack of personal hygiene products. As a result, Amenuveve created the Volta Pads project.

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In 2020, this initiative was launched with a goal to address challenges experienced by the women and girls of Woadze Tsatoe and beyond.

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Single-use menstrual products are costly, and women who can not obtain them during their periods often miss out on work or school. Volta Pads will provide women with an affordable and sustainable alternative, allowing them to resume their daily lives comfortably and confidently.

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Stigma continues to exist around menstruation. A new education program will be led by trained healthcare professionals to promote understanding and acceptance of women’s health by the community at large.

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The reusable Volta Pads will be produced by sewing apprentices at the Batik Center, many of whom are women. As a result, this initiative will bring in valuable income for the village and empower women to take charge of their finances along with their personal health.

Messages from our beneficiaries

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Volta Pads in the Village

As of April 2022, Volta Pads has begun the prototyping phase with women and girls in the village testing out its products.