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Amenuveve is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 84-5144698, based in the U.S. and Ghana.


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Volta Region, Ghana

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Visit of 4 Volunteers from Spain on their Volunteer Program in Have-Ando to Amenuveve Batik Center

The volunteers, under the guidance of Felix, the Assembly member of the Ando electoral area, and the Nukoko foundation, had the opportunity to learn the traditional craft of batik-making and immerse themselves in the local community. This report will highlight their training, community interaction, and their overall experiences during their visit to Amenuveve Batik Center.

Training at Amenuveve Batik Center

The key highlight of the volunteers' visit to Have-Ando was their training at the Amenuveve Batik Center.

Led by Vida, the volunteers were introduced to the intricate process of batik-making. Batik is a traditional craft that involves the application of wax and dyes on fabric to create unique patterns and designs. The volunteers spent three hours learning the different techniques involved in the process, including wax application, dyeing, and final finishing.

The training session at the Amenuveve Batik Center proved to be highly successful. The volunteers were quick to grasp the techniques and demonstrated significant progress during the session. Under the guidance of local craftsmen, they were able to create their batik prints, showcasing their newfound skills and creativity. The volunteers expressed immense satisfaction and gratitude for the opportunity to learn this beautiful craft from the talented artisans of TSATOE.

Overall Experience

The visit of the four volunteers from Spain to Amenuveve Batik Center proved to be a transformative experience for both the volunteers and the local community craftsmen. The training at the Amenuveve Batik Center provided the volunteers with a new skill set and exposed them to the beauty of batik making. They were able to witness the dedication and talent of the local craftsmen and gain a firsthand understanding of the significance of the art form in Ghanaian culture.


In conclusion, the visit of the four volunteers from Spain to the training at the Amenuveve Batik Center provided the volunteers with a unique skill that they can share and utilize in their respective communities. This visit served as a testament to the power of volunteer programs in promoting cultural exchange and community development.

Compiled by: Vida


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